The Ascension Parish Master Land Use Plan is a community-driven planning process that will help direct future growth in Ascension Parish. The Ascension Parish Master Land Use Plan is a parish-wide planning project that asks you to decide what kind of parish you want to live (or do business) in. Between June 2018 and mid-2019, the parish and planners will gather ideas and feedback through several public workshops, small group meetings, and interviews with community leaders and stakeholders. Please see our Get Involved page for information about upcoming opportunities for input and a record of past public events, and fill out our Sign Up form to get email updates.

Ascension Parish needs this master land use plan because the parish continues to grow–with the highest population growth rate in the state. This plan will help parish officials direct the growth and ensure new development meets the needs of current and future residents.

The first step in the master plan is to develop a shared vision, based on input gathered from Ascension residents and stakeholders across the parish. This vision will show how residents and stakeholders want the parish to look and feel in the next 20 or 30 years. Guided by this vision, the Ascension Parish Master Land Use Plan will concentrate on how land is developed or redeveloped, the types of housing available in the parish, recreation and open space needs, and how to create a stronger economy with more good jobs. It will build on previous plans and also incorporate recommendations from other plans happening now in Ascension Parish, including how to improve transportation, and how to better manage storm water.

With comprehensive planning for the future, we will protect neighborhoods, identify places where growth makes sense, and make our parish more livable. Together, we will enhance Ascension Parish’s quality of life and environment for both existing and future residents.