June Community Workshops

On June 4,5, and 6, 2018, over 150 Ascension Parish residents attended community workshops. During the workshops, residents learned about the parish’s expected growth rates and current development trends throughout the U.S. The core of the workshop centered on a map exercise in which residents gathered in small groups to discuss issues such as infrastructure improvements and goals for land use planning. They were asked to consider what type of development they envisioned for the future of Ascension. Using representative stickers or “chips”, residents filled their maps with potential development types as well as indicating areas to preserve and needed transportation infrastructure. Each table then presented their maps to the larger group, identifying their group’s priorities for growth and improvement and the reasoning behind their chip placement. The resulting maps of the community workshops are digitized to create a full scope of scenarios and draft a vision for a master land use plan.

Check out the Community Workshop Presentation

SWOT Summary

Ascension Parish has established a stakeholder committee comprised of local residents and representatives to help work through the issues at hand as the master land use plan is created. The stakeholder committee represents a broad set of interests and perspectives throughout the parish. This chart is a product of one of the committee’s discussions from April 2018. It summarizes some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the parish of Ascension as it addresses future growth.

Check out the SWOT Analysis Chart